Antiques [noun]

Definition of Antiques:

old object, often of great value

Synonyms of Antiques:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antiques:


Sentence/Example of Antiques:

The cabinet of antiques is stated to be very rich, and, to judge by appearances, is not inferior to its reputation.

He's a cabinetmaker, Miss Bassett,—a producer of antiques, and a good one; and about the gentlest human being you ever saw.

Don't make them any more these days, real antiques they are!

He knows enough about Chinese and Japanese antiques to enable him to detect forgeries.

He made me presents of books and antiques, and of every other curiosity relating to Corsica.

You are under fire one minute, the next shooting through some captured palace or barracks or museum of antiques.

How the house and window duties disturbed this silent process by which antiques were created is easily perceived.

Whod ever thought youd turn outyou big rough-neck youto be a collector of antiques?

Most of them were not from true antiques but from later imitations.

Billy turned to her book, which happened to be one of William's on "Fake Antiques."