Antiquity [noun]

Definition of Antiquity:

old object

Synonyms of Antiquity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antiquity:

Sentence/Example of Antiquity:

In “Purity,” Munson played multiple roles, appearing as both an artist’s model and as mythic figures from antiquity captured on canvas and in stone.

The site has been holy since antiquity, perhaps explaining why Notre Dame feels spiritual, even for nonbelievers.

He was professor of oriental languages; his dissertations on various subjects of criticism and antiquity were highly esteemed.

He was deeply versed in Saxon literature and published a work on the antiquity of the English church.

Sutton Coldfield, on the road to Lichfield, is celebrated even more for its park than its antiquity.

But it was not only among the peasantry that this belief in the extreme antiquity of tobacco pipes existed.

Those illustrious heroes of antiquity became the companions of her solitude and of her hourly thoughts.

Christianity seems to be a composite religion, made up of fragments of religions of far greater antiquity.

Still it has a distinct charm as a quiet little Somersetshire town which has preserved its antiquity and fascination.

Its public buildings, churches, and other show-places—excepting the cathedral—lack the charm of antiquity.