Antis [noun]

Definition of Antis:

person with whom one competes

Synonyms of Antis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antis:

Sentence/Example of Antis:

Some derive the word Andes from the people called Antis, who dwelt at the foot of these chains of mountains.

I must now go home; for the moon will be nearly down, and it will never do for me to be seen by any of the antis.

One hearing was given to the "Remonstrants," or "Antis," as the press had dubbed them.

These insults to their sex seemed very acceptable to the fashionably dressed "Antis" who occupied the front rows of seats.

The early chronicles contain several references to Antisuyu and the Antis.

The hearing was conducted for the petitioners by Mrs. Crowley and for the "antis" by Mr. Saunders.

Without the knowledge of the suffragists the "antis" secured one to precede theirs.

At this hearing the women leaders of the "antis" and the liquor men occupied seats together on the floor of the Senate.

A hearing, on June 14, was given to the "Antis," as the press dubbed the remonstrants.

Well, even the "antis" wish to keep the world just as it is; they do not aim to make it worse.