Antisepsis [noun]

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For the fundamental principle of antisepsis is the use of medicines for ridding wounds of similar microscopic organisms.

With removal of the diseased portion and a strict attention to antisepsis healing soon takes place.

From that he branched into antisepsis as opposed to asepsis as a practical method in the field.

Antisepsis, like anæsthesia, was marvellously anticipated by the surgical forefathers of the medieval period.

Anaesthesia, antisepsis, and the natural methods of cure were all anticipated in the medieval time.

These examples—antisepsis, tuberculosis, and serotherapy—will suffice perhaps to justify experimental pathology.

Much stress has been laid upon the subject of asepsis and antisepsis.

Complete antisepsis in the surgical sense is, of course, impracticable.

Ansthesia is perhaps an even greater surprise in the Middle Ages than practical antisepsis.

But don't they have any knowledge of antisepsis or isolation?