Antiseptics [adjective]

Definition of Antiseptics:

completely clean, uncontaminated; decontaminating

Synonyms of Antiseptics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antiseptics:

Sentence/Example of Antiseptics:

Portable and compact, these boxes are packed with helpful items, including gauze pads, exam gloves, and antiseptic towelettes.

In some niches demand has increased – someone was selling masks and antiseptics, and he had no demand but then suddenly got it.

He used an antiseptic solution which Bert had provided, for Bert was still buying my milk.

We simply fill the box with gas at ordinary temperature, taking advantage only of its antiseptic properties.

The introduction of zinc oxid, aromatic and antiseptic oils and animal fat was a new feature.

Hexamethylenamin is a valuable so-called urinary antiseptic—​probably one of the best we have.

Quickly render the whole mouth and throat thoroughly antiseptic.

I opened it with a penknife soaked in an antiseptic solution, and cleaned it thoroughly.

Of the conditions here described probably no better example can be found than Tyrees Antiseptic Powder.

Mayhan emptied the blood-stained water from the basin, poured some fresh, and mixed an antiseptic in solution.