Antiserums [noun]

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The antiserum used for the precipitin reaction was obtained by treating a rabbit with human blood serum.

The Libby Photronreflectometer was used to measure the turbidities developed by the interaction of antigen and antiserum.

In every series of tests the amount of antiserum was held constant and the amount of antigen was varied.

Injection schedules used in the production of each antiserum are listed in Table 1.

In all but two instances more than one series of injections was necessary to produce a useful antiserum.

For convenience each plot represents only several of the 10 curves obtained with each antiserum.

More than two series, however, resulted in little or no improvement of the reactivity of the antiserum.

Antivenin—Antiserum is the keystone to the therapy of snakebite.