Antisocial [adjective]

Definition of Antisocial:

nonparticipating; avoiding company

Synonyms of Antisocial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antisocial:

Sentence/Example of Antisocial:

He rejects attempts to over-psychologize his subject while admitting that he reportedly was exceedingly antisocial in many of his traits.

Again a crowd—a mob is an example of this—may be distinctly antisocial, if we attach any ethical meaning to the term.

It is antisocial in a case expressly meant by its final cause for the triumph of sociality; 2.

And so many survival reactions outlast their usefulness, becoming essentially antisocial and antisurvival.

Antisocial beings are almost always mentally and physically dawdlers, who are incapable of continuous mental or physical labour.

Even such antisocial persons as outlaws frequently move in bands and have their chiefs.

The isolation and exclusiveness of a gang or clique brings its antisocial spirit into relief.

Moreover, the native or original endowment was conceived, in extreme cases, as nonsocial or even as antisocial.

His end and aim are antisocial, because his Slop-pail can only exist during political strife.

The individual is assumed to be by nature an antisocial being.