Antithetic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Antithetic:

The body consists of two antithetic parts (antimera), and has no trace of radial structure.

In the course of a Scientific Congress at Munich in 1877 the conflict of these antithetic views of nature came into sharp relief.

Strange to say, he became my most intimate friend and confidant—antithetic pair!

Antithetic and axiomatic sentences abound in his pages, embodying literally the wisdom of the many in the wit of one.

Such work is directly antithetic to that of the city fireman who goes to his duties with a crowd looking on.

III.131 'Brutish' is by no means tautological here, the antithetic sense of human brutes being most artfully implied.

The hand seemed to me a very proper antithetic recompense for the foot.

Nature and nurture are antithetic terms of Shakespearean origin which are in frequent use and much favoured by Mr. Galton.

Is there really anything antithetic or antagonistic in poverty and honesty?

My own introduction, and subsequent acquaintance, were strangely characteristic of the peculiarly antithetic nature of the man.