Antithetically [adverb]

Definition of Antithetically:

in another way; otherwise

Opposite/Antonyms of Antithetically:

Sentence/Example of Antithetically:

Here "on its beginning" is set over antithetically against "to torment," whereas the context requires "to its blessedness."

In early alliterative poetry it is especially used antithetically with "bliss."

The jurists often mention antithetically universal successions and those confined to a single specific thing.

The former always speak by way of antithesis,—the latter seldom construe their leaders' words antithetically.

The actual finale begins (so to speak) antithetically with the last misfortune of the unlucky Spithridates.

Personality is always a mystery with its antithetically mingled elements in man and woman.

"I am just getting a soldier's stuff into me," responded Pisgah, antithetically.