Antler [noun]

Definition of Antler:

deciduous horn

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Sentence/Example of Antler:

In view of the books Huxley read and the museums he worked in, we can be sure he was familiar with fossils of the Irish Elk, a species that labored under uniquely immense antlers until it fell into extinction around 8,000 years ago.

In an odd coincidence, Thomas Henry Huxley’s grandson, Julian Huxley, did his most important work in an effort to demonstrate that the antlers were not terribly out of proportion with the Elk’s body.

When Fleetfoot saw Antler roll the skins in a loose roll, he asked if she was going to chew them.

When the skins were softened, Antler told Fleetfoot that once her people chewed the skins.

While Antler and Fleetfoot were talking, all the women and children gathered around.

The children were crying for food, and since Antler had nothing to give them, she was trying to get them to play.

When Antler took a large skin and wrapped it around her, Fleetfoot thought that she was going to play “bear.”

So Antler and Birdcatcher showed them how it was done, and helped them to make warm garments of their own.

The day Antler thought of making clothes for the boys, was the day they ran away to the pitfall.

But neither Antler nor Greybeard had thought of making clothing for little children.