Antlers [noun]

Definition of Antlers:

deciduous horn

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Sentence/Example of Antlers:

Sometimes when the children were playing in the snow, they found the antlers of a full-grown stag.

The children began to look for the antlers of the full-grown stags in early winter.

And when they had knocked off the beautiful antlers, they gave them to Snowflake and changed her name.

They felt of their polished antlers that had dealt many powerful blows.

When the old stags shed their antlers, he saw the men dance the reindeer dance.

Then the larger reindeer that had lost their antlers started off to make-believe higher lands.

It was a huge buck, with wide-spreading antlers, rising out of the bushes where it stood.

Stalagmite with a few bones and antlers of reindeer, the thickness varying from one to fifteen inches.

In North America the horns of the stag are extended and branched by crooked antlers.

We scared up a wild deer, but I did not feel able to run it down and present you with its antlers.