Antonyms [noun]

Definition of Antonyms:

word with opposite meaning to another word

Synonyms of Antonyms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antonyms:



Sentence/Example of Antonyms:

To satisfy this new curiosity of the children we have dictionaries of synonyms and antonyms, and word-charts.

Books of synonyms and antonyms—used cautiously, for there are few perfect synonyms in any language—will be found of great help.

A book of synonyms and antonyms is in preparation for this series, "The Writer's Library."

In the series we have prepared, the verbs are either synonyms or antonyms.

These words which express opposite meaning are called antonyms.

Words and their antonyms are given in this week's spelling lesson in the words for the first three days' study.

Look these words up in your dictionary and determine upon the most suitable antonyms.

To speakers and writers antonyms are useful as furnishing oftentimes effective antitheses.

Thus voluntary and involuntary, which are antonyms of each other, are both partial synonyms of spontaneous.

Subjective and objective are synonyms in but one point of view, being, for the most part, strictly antonyms.