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Poliantrum, from pollutum antrum, on account of the carcases of men therein buried.

As a result of this free incision, drainage is given to the contents of the tympanic cavity, attic, and antrum.

Macewen, who first described this triangle, gave it as a guide for the exposure of the antrum.

The method of opening the antrum in a straightforward case will first be described.

As soon as the antrum is reached, pus will be seen to ooze through the opening made, especially if it is under tension.

If an opening be found leading directly into the antrum, it should be enlarged with the curette or gouge.

This may be necessary if the anterior wall of the antrum and mastoid process be affected.

The completion of the operation is seldom difficult, as the fistula actually leads into the antrum.

After removal of the bridge, the tympanic cavity, antrum, and mastoid will form a continuous cavity.

After exposing the antrum in the ordinary way, the tip of the mastoid process is opened freely.