Anvils [noun]

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Earlier this year they predicted the conditions under which one metal that might have formed between the diamond anvils should superconduct, and they found different behavior.

Add too much, and the sample will act too much like metallic hydrogen, metalizing only at pressures that will crack your diamond anvil.

Progress took off in the 2000s, when supercomputer simulations let theorists predict the properties of various hydrides, and the widespread use of compact diamond anvils let experimentalists squeeze the most promising candidates to test their mettle.

His tombstone in the churchyard consists of an anvil and hammer, wrought in stone.

We readily recognise the fact that when a hammer falls often on an anvil it heats itself and the metal on which it strikes.

The next moment Tom's hammer was making lively music upon his anvil, and Eddie was again on his way to school.

A few minutes after the blacksmith left me, I heard the hammer sounding upon the anvil in one of the caverns below.

In accompaniment, some one was beating softly on the anvil, and the bellows were blowing rhythmically.

Madelinette fell fainting against the anvil, and, dazed and trembling, Elise hurried to her.

Gilliatt selected for an anvil a large smooth round stone, of about the required shape and dimensions.