Anybodies [noun]

Definition of Anybodies:

one, some unspecified person or people

Synonyms of Anybodies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anybodies:


Sentence/Example of Anybodies:

Also, use hand sanitizer before you knock on doors and ring bells to protect anybody who may come after you.

I don’t know anybody who really believes in dirty air or dirty water.

His ability to play one through five, guard anybody on the floor, take the challenge, not only guard on the perimeter, and continue to protect the paint.

He’s decided to stifle his beliefs so as not to make waves with anybody in the condominium, he said, adjusting his mask to better cover his mouth and nose.

Bear in mind that you can share these links as many times and with as many people as you want, but the link is public and anybody who has it can access your playlist.

“He hadn’t been in contact with anybody in the West Wing,” Meadows said.

They’re loaded with debt and anybody sensible is not prepared to buy them.

That was not the message that anybody needed to be hearing at that moment.

“They are way ahead of anybody in the industry in this space,” Gelsinger said.

“There needs to be deterrence and a mandatory minimum for those cases, so anybody thinking of doing something like that thinks twice,” he said.