Anyhow [adverb]

Definition of Anyhow:

by any means

Opposite/Antonyms of Anyhow:


Sentence/Example of Anyhow:

If it did come to that—and of course it would—I'd get out anyhow, so I may as well go now and save myself further horrors.

I have recently found out that she was christened Tabitha—or, anyhow, would have been, if the clergyman had known his job.

If he puts in clothing it'll cost me five hundred dollars a year in profits, anyhow.

And most of them have gone under anyhow—in the cheerful California fashion: three generations from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves.

I reckon you're the one Bolivar an' me's been waitin' here fer, an'—what's the matter with ye, anyhow?

Anyhow, when McKibben saw him after the team was stopped, there was that cross-shaped scar, plain as anything.

Men and horses fell in scores, but somehow, anyhow, an entrance was gained and the Shah Nujeef was taken.

Anyhow there'll be quite time enough to take your husband into our confidence, if it must be so.

It will only be for a day or two anyhow, and everybody that has food in the house is offering to share with the rest.

Anyhow, you'll take the infernal fellow away now and never bring him here again.