Anyones [noun]

Definition of Anyones:

one, some unspecified person

Synonyms of Anyones:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anyones:


Sentence/Example of Anyones:

But just wishing never made anyone larger or taller, not even a pig, and Squinty stayed the same size.

"Never better pleased to see anyone in my life," said Blair, nearly shaking Lawrence's arm off.

Nor is there anyone of that order who talks of going back to those kingdoms without the most urgent reason making it necessary.

In all my life I had never seen a handsomer man, and I don't suppose anyone else there had either.

If Wee Willie Winkie took an interest in anyone, the fortunate man was envied alike by the mess and the rank and file.

Whenever the contrary is heard from anyone, he is corrected, admonished, and punished—by myself if he is a secular.

Whenever they kill anyone, scarcely has he fallen before his head is cut off.

I had known him well in Melbourne where he helped me more than anyone else to get the hang of the Australian system.

He couldn't bear the thought of being recognized by anyone, so I had something sent up.

Guildford might well detain for a day or more anyone whose time will permit him to travel more leisurely than ours did.