Anywise [adverb]

Definition of Anywise:

by some means

Synonyms of Anywise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anywise:

No way

Sentence/Example of Anywise:

This spur is one of the few points from which the mass of the Mont Cervin is in anywise approachable.

In November, he shifts such others whose roots have filled their pots, and have become anywise matted.

I then asked him what it was; he told me it was snow: but I could not in anywise understand him.

This "want" of it never, of course, in anywise depending on its qualities.

Do not, however, get into the opinion that you are irresistible, or anywise attractive.

If he be in anywise injured or oppressed, he shall have his amends and satisfactions against the party offending.

Nothing is gained by making the situation better or worse than it is, nor in anywise different from what it is.

The practice is a cruel, useless, and highly deleterious one, which owners of horses ought not in anywise to encourage or permit.

Of course, no trace of ancient magnificence, if anywise destructible, can be left in the interior.

The Swiss have certainly no feelings respecting their mountains in anywise correspondent to ours.