Apartments [noun]

Definition of Apartments:

set of rooms for rent

Synonyms of Apartments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apartments:


Sentence/Example of Apartments:

Police also reportedly mistook Taylor’s car, which was parked outside her apartment that night, as the drug dealer’s car, according to the lawsuit.

On top of the cost of filters, lower-end homes or apartments may have more leaks around windows and doors that let in contaminants.

The collapsible option makes it great for space conscious rooms or in smaller apartments and dorms.

A “target area” could be a park, an apartment complex or the bulk of the entire city.

It’s not easy working from home with kids, or being alone in your apartment.

They hole up in a little apartment in San Mateo and whiteboard their way to seeing the future of how the probably most important business software tool there is, the database, could be revolutionized by cloud computing.

She said Oportun approved her for a $6,000 loan last year even though she needed less than half that to cover a three-month deposit on a new apartment.

Kibbo is positioning itself as a “full-time alternative to the traditional apartment.”

Then, you go to get another apartment and they say you don’t fit our criteria or you have to pay more.

Gautam said that the university provided him apartment housing until May 11, but he has a summer internship in New York and doesn’t know whether travel restrictions will be lifted in time for him to make it there.