Aped [verb]

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The researchers interrupted 85 instances of social grooming, in which one ape cleaned another’s fur, and 26 instances of self-grooming or solitary play.

In one 1973 study, for instance, when researchers taught gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees to tap certain photographs for a food reward, spaced training outperformed massed in terms of helping the apes remember which photos to touch.

A 2014 landslide had damaged the preferred route that these tree-dwelling apes took through the forest.

Many of the animals have scarred heart muscle, even young apes, she finds.

Some are from healthy great apes and others from ones with heart disease.

Lily aped the manners of girls who had long since graduated from school and were flashy in their dress and manners.

The bigger one threw a great shadow that aped his gesticulating arms behind him on the greenish faces of the buildings.

Where answer there was none, he aped the older men, whom he called "Masters," and made shift with more or less cynical guesses.

They only aped their betters in having "nothing to do" with the class immediately below theirs.

She was by no means attractive, and in her dress she aped somewhat the man.