Aperient [adjective]

Definition of Aperient:

tending to eliminate

Synonyms of Aperient:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aperient:


Sentence/Example of Aperient:

Carbolic Acid … liquid … oil … sweet oil … castor oil … aperient … Epsom Salts … white … white of egg.

I'll send him a little quieting draught to be taken directly—pill at night, aperient in the morning.

Still I must think that vegetable food is, in my own case, less aperient than animal.

Vegetable diet is less aperient than a mixed diet, if we except Indian corn.

With me much less aperient; indeed, costiveness became a very serious and distressing accompaniment.

I am inclined to think that a vegetable diet is more aperient than an animal one; indeed, I may say I know it to be a fact.

In my former statements I gave it as my opinion that vegetable food was less aperient than animal.

The genus is described as tonic, diaphoretic, and in large doses emetic and aperient.

It is also very useful as a supplement to mercury, which needs a saline aperient to complete its action.

She was then put upon the use of aperient medicines and tonics, and on the first of August was discharged perfectly cured.