Aperients [noun]

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Emetics, saline medicines, and gentle aperients were necessary to alleviate these.

Feverish and irritable conditions yield frequently to aperients, or to gelsemium and quinine.

The idea that it tends specially to produce constipation afterwards is unfounded; it does not do so more than other aperients.

I would further suggest that the powders be differently coloured, one colour being used for emetics and another for aperients.

Aperients are medicines which move the bowels gently, such as dandelion root, &c.

The case should be treated by rest in bed, fomentations, calomel and saline aperients.

If necessary, the bowels may be kept free by mild aperients.

The last three are examples of factitious effervescing Seidlitz water, and are good saline aperients.

The above are good aperients, and in their composition and action resemble the ordinary black draught.

Diaphoretics and mild aperients may also be given, and a light, nutritious diet adopted throughout.