Apertures [noun]

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That fast aperture combined with a 9-blade aperture should create some extremely smooth blur effects in out-of-focus areas.

Another is as an opening or aperture in an object, like a tunnel through a mountain or the punches in three-ring binder paper.

It has become undeniable that leaders must open the aperture when it comes to stakeholders, and irrefutable that they must strive for positive impact with customers, employees, partners, and the community writ large.

The small aperture is a downside in some situations, but if you’re out in the field shooting sports or nature at midday, you’ll probably never miss the extra speed.

It essentially boils down to your aperture, the focal length of your lens, and your distance from the subject.

In the aperture of the window, amid piles of paper, stood a rickety old table, covered with dust.

Hilda suggested that the ticket-clerk should be interrogated, but the aperture of communication with him was shut.

The light which discovered its dismal bounds to his solitary eyes, came from a small grated aperture in the vaulted roof.

Indeed it could hardly have seemed possible to him, that the Duke could have withdrawn himself through that aperture.

A hearty roar of laughter burst from the doorway as the Factor's burly figure blocked the aperture.