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Beware of ignorance which assumes the mask of knowledge, or of designing roguery which apes the appearance of innocence.

It is large in the anthropoid apes, especially in the orang, in which it is very long and spirally convoluted.

The abnormality of club-foot may be pointed to as a reversion to the shape of the foot in the anthropoid apes.

The same peculiarity exists in the larger anthropoid apes and in some of the gibbons, but is not found in the lower mammals.

It must be borne in mind, in this consideration, that the apes differ from the other tree-dwellers in being destitute of claws.

In the apes and lemurs, on the contrary, the ground-dwellers are the aberrant forms, stray wanderers from the host.

In considering this question, the first fact to appear is that the apes and lemurs are plantigrade animals.

Of the apes, though many can stand upright, the gibbon is the only one that attempts to walk in this position.

None of the other anthropoid apes ever walk erect, though they assume at times the upright posture.

Of the anthropoid apes of Europe, probably numerous in individuals, a few remains of one or two species alone survive.