Aphonia [noun]

Definition of Aphonia:

fear of performing onstage

Synonyms of Aphonia:

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Sentence/Example of Aphonia:

It would cheer me considerably to learn that gobblers occasionally suffer from aphonia or speechlessness.

Each time on her disappearance he had an attack of aphonia, inability to utter a sound of any kind.

In the case of a man stung on the cheek, Legiehn observed complete aphonia and a breaking out of red blotches all over the body.

Aphonia is often complete, deglutition impossible, respiration difficult.

If aphonia and difficulty of both inspiration and expiration be present at the same time, there is certainly membranous occlusion.

In these cases there is marked stridor both on inspiration and expiration, but no aphonia.

The same may be said of feigned insanity, aphonia, deaf-mutism, and loss of memory.

If the recurrent laryngeal nerve be compressed, there will be dysphonia or aphonia.

Both wounds gradually healed; but aphonia—the voice being reduced to a whisper—existed when the man left the regimental hospital.

There is no aphonia, a sign so typical of adult and of infantile beriberi, although at times the voice is abnormal and whining.