Aphorisms [noun]

Definition of Aphorisms:

saying expressing a belief, often true

Synonyms of Aphorisms:

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Sentence/Example of Aphorisms:

You will stand aloof like a second Aurelius, coining austere aphorisms and mocking the weakness of your unlearned fellows.

The first contains a series of aphorisms, while the other teaches the wisdom of life in the testament of a dying father.

Zweifel has produced several small works of aphorisms which have been very popular and have been frequently reprinted.

Even the aphorisms that were essentially humorous lose value in that degraded spelling.

These aphorisms formed, says Littr, "a succession of propositions in juxtaposition, but not united."

The collection of Hippocrates's Aphorisms fills seven of the books; no medical work of antiquity can compare with these.

He was author of two volumes of aphorisms concerning the practice of medicine, which had at his time the greatest repute.

It was one of Napoleon's aphorisms that "to have the right of using nations, you must begin by serving them well."

When Tarr talks little essays and makes aphorisms they are often of intrinsic interest, are even unforgettable.

One of his favourite aphorisms is the strange one, that the living are more and more governed by the dead.