Aphrodisiacs [adjective]

Definition of Aphrodisiacs:

seductive; inducing sex

Synonyms of Aphrodisiacs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aphrodisiacs:


Sentence/Example of Aphrodisiacs:

It’s been said freshly unearthed truffles have the qualities of an aphrodisiac, adding to the myth and mystique that this is, as the ancients crowned it, the “food of the gods.”

Those three dead men on the thirteenth floor of that office building had acted like an aphrodisiac on Wilson Lamb.

Her person exhaled an aphrodisiac charm, which challenged and laid fast hold of the other sex.

Its flesh was said to promote longevity, to cure hydrophobia, and to be aphrodisiac.

It is said also to have an aphrodisiac operation, due to its powers as a cerebral excitor.

The flesh of these newts, reduced to ashes, is considered an efficacious aphrodisiac.

In an inner bower they sat down to a rustic table, and were served by robot with a heady aphrodisiac wine.

According to Padre Mercado the roasted seeds have an aphrodisiac action.

Before closing, we will mention that it has been claimed frequently that Coca was aphrodisiac.

But her aphrodisiac character was certainly the one in which she most frequently appeared.