Apiary [noun]

Definition of Apiary:

bee home

Synonyms of Apiary:

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Sentence/Example of Apiary:

Observations multiplied ad nauseam have taught me where to find the males and where the females in this apiary.

At first I liked to sit for hours in the apiary all alone and listen to their humming for hours together.

If there are no small trees near the apiary, place bushes, upon which the bees will usually light, when they come out.

In the apiary it was so comfortable, so pleasant, so warm, so free!

I have not yet forgotten the first apiary I saw, where I learned to love the bees.

Many swarms are lost when the apiarian is away for any length of time, particularly if he possesses an extensive apiary.

Its Management and Preservation, with a description of the best approved Hives, and other appliances of the apiary.

We were once looking out of the window of a friend's house on her neat, well-kept apiary, and remarked what baby hives.

It could, however, be recommended as an integral part of a windbreak, or woodlot where the land owner has an apiary.

I find no trouble to handle them, and take my large class of students, new to the business, right into the apiary.