Apiece [adverb]

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Meanwhile, UMass Lowell found the two candidates knotted at 48 percent apiece, which was pretty much the same as a late September poll that found them tied at 47 percent.

For those that don’t, standalone purifiers cost about $100 apiece and can be placed around the dining area.

With more than 40 million monthly active users apiece, they have increasingly been using their positions to take a harder line in distribution deals with streaming app makers, as their recent standoffs with WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal have shown.

Multiple former Girls in the Valley members, some of whom asked to remain anonymous for fear of legal action, say Influences has been withholding from them between two and three thousand dollars apiece.

At the midpoint of the estimated range at which Snowflake could debut, $80 apiece, Berkshire Hathaway would be buying a $570 million stake in the company that could be valued at over $22 billion.

Though difficult to find, the family tracked down a few surgical masks from a store, which was selling them for $5 apiece.

On Saturday, the pair became the first Lakers duo since Bryant and O’Neal in 2002 to log 25 points and 10 rebounds apiece in a playoff game.

Start with a large number of dice with seven dots apiece and six possible colors.

About a third of attendees used the software, and they had two conversations apiece on average.

Rather than consecutive days, the race will happen over three weekends in July, with six stages lasting one to two hours apiece.