Apish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Apish:

He came shuffling forward with a hundred apish conges and chers milors, to express his happiness at seeing Lord Dalgarno again.

He was broadly built, with long apish arms and a mighty chest, but with lean loins and thin bandy legs.

Vanity and the desire of showing off play no small part in the wrongdoings of apes and apish men and women.

That apish-looking man there, with the long beard and the loose trousers—he is the woman's brother.

Even Plutarch himself laments his daughter for the little apish tricks of her infancy.

When Henry perceived the apish minion thus upon his track he burst out into a laugh.

First of all, he is exceedingly given to little apish tricks and buffooneries.

At six o'clock I saw him start, his apish feet padding through the crusted slush.

The fool drew nearer to her, eagerly, apish curiosity goading him.

To the west the apish Atlanteans are beginning the long climb upward.