Aplenty [adjective]

Definition of Aplenty:

abundant, profuse

Synonyms of Aplenty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aplenty:

Sentence/Example of Aplenty:

It’s not really a comforting thought, but it’s one reason to watch disaster movies in a time with disasters aplenty.

The pack is slim enough that it won’t rub against your knees yet has room aplenty for multiple energy bags and a smartphone.

But let us not deceive ourselves; in a soviet republic there would be opportunity aplenty for exploitation.

Plunder there was aplenty and the holds of the Duke and the Duchess bulged with treasure.

All had seen fights aplenty; most of them had taken a hand in brawls—but here was a new kind of malice.

Yea, verily, it was none other than the devil himself in one of his divers forms, of which he hath aplenty.

Thinks I, if this machine eats up fuel like this we must e'en have enough and aplenty.

Eminent lawmakers—Hughes, of Australia, among them—were there aplenty; but few practical business men.

Egad, there'll be court wenches aplenty ready to take up with a likely looking man!

Sixty miles a day was about our average, which is aplenty for sight-seeing, even for an American.