Aplombs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aplombs:

"No," she exclaimed with dainty aplomb to the man who sat cross-legged in muslin draperies on the table.

I had behaved with unusual sedateness, had showed an aplomb I had never before evidenced.

Winona, with surprising aplomb, bore the scrutiny of the family while she pulled long white gloves along her bare arms.

Chattie jumped up on the windowsill, with her usual stealthy aplomb, and rubbed herself against the girl's face.

Suddenly, and for the first time in all her knowledge of him, his cynical aplomb had fallen from the man like a garment.

For a few seconds he was utterly bereft of his usual aplomb.

She was not nervous in the least, but began with great aplomb, and played most beautifully.

But even that damsel seems preoccupied with her fan, and, despite her aplomb, hesitates to break the icy silence.

Of perfect intellectual acuteness and aplomb, he sprang from a Virginia pedigree and was born in Kentucky.

She seemed confused at the offering, to his astonishment, as she had not lacked aplomb in asking for the sketch.