Apologetic [adjective]

Definition of Apologetic:

expressing remorse, regret

Synonyms of Apologetic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apologetic:

Sentence/Example of Apologetic:

He looked up wearily and met the fierce gaze of the chief inspector with a glance almost apologetic.

The works are of unequal merit; several of them took a high rank in apologetic literature.

I regarded this appalling deputation as Parvill's apologetic but quite definite utterances drew to an end.

But I hadn't got to the point, when Monson came lounging up the gangway, still acting apologetic.

"I've come to beg news," he announced, his apologetic smile very winning.

"It isn't much of a knife," said Jim, apologetic but pleased.

Here Mrs. Twitchel looked up from her knitting, with apologetic giggle at Mrs. Brown.

Sam, he stood his ground, and waited fur us to come up to him, kind of apologetic and sneaking—looking about something or other.

It was highly apologetic, but requested him to follow the bearer to the Prefecture without delay.

Burckhardt gave the hovering manager a sick, apologetic smile and followed Swanson out.