Apologetics [noun]

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At one bound Cossington's papers passed from apologetics varied by repudiation to triumphant praise.

Christianity, once an aggressive and virile movement, now resorts to apologetics, compromise and concession to prolong her life.

But that is not an unusual feature of Christian apologetics.

He perceived it was a hard and invincible malevolence, and that no petty apologetics of demeanour could avail against it.

In like fashion, historic rationalism has often tended to use Reason as an agency of justification and apologetics.

Without specific ends of its own, it affords353 no ground for dogmatism or apologetics.

The saying is profoundly true that "nothing so quickly waxes old as apologetics."

This fact possesses a value in relation to Apologetics which intelligent students will readily appreciate.

But whereas the politician, like the orthodox believer once pronounced apologetics, they now merely utter apologies.

But the introduction of the adjective “apologetic” and of the substantive “apologetics” is recent.