Apologia [noun]

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During the ingenuous apologia pro vita sua Miss Anne regarded him with her honest candour.

John Newton's 'Apologia' was, in particular, a very vigorous defence of Church establishments.

Gozzi's conception of an Apologia pro vita sua was a comprehensive one.

His surprising candour foreshadowed the moral courage with which Prince Lichnowski subsequently issued his famous apologia.

Of this a full account is given by Dr. Newman, in his “Apologia”—an account, of course, proceeding from his own point of view.

After some preliminary ironic sparring Newman was stung into writing what he deliberately called Apologia pro vita sua.

His apologia, and the extent to which he had been wronged and misrepresented are matters outside the scope of these memoirs.

With this apologia for Elodie's unresponsiveness, conscientiously recorded later by Andrew Lackaday, we will now proceed.

The most significant of these is an article upon Newman's 'Apologia,' which appeared in September 1864.

Moreover, as he argues at length in his review of the 'Apologia,' it is absolutely inconsistent with facts.