Apologists [noun]

Definition of Apologists:

person who helps another

Opposite/Antonyms of Apologists:



Sentence/Example of Apologists:

Thus, from sheer lack of knowledge, the public accept the Christian apologist's assertions as demonstrated truth.

He regards Malthus as an apologist for an unjust inequality.

I am not writing thus in any sense as the apologist of Spiritualism.

"Your cheerful compatriot is right," said Ethan, shaken suddenly out of his rôle as Nature's apologist.

He now constituted himself the literary apologist of the Elizabethan settlement.

Left behind the sophist, the apologist, the lover of the world with his tinsel that was not gold, his pebbles that were not gems!

He understood that this, coming from a man like Brann, meant more than a thousand prayers from a ready apologist.

His look,” said one apologist, “does not betoken a man of genius, but German candour shines on his brow.

Such an explanation has never been mooted by anyone but the Christian apologist.

It is by no means easy to understand where the apologist draws the line.