Apologizing [verb]

Definition of Apologizing:

express remorse, regret

Opposite/Antonyms of Apologizing:


Sentence/Example of Apologizing:

At these smaller dinner companies, avoid apologizing for anything, either in the viands or the arrangement of them.

He received her in the living room and introduced himself, apologizing for not having been able to call on her.

I feel there is no need of apologizing to the Legislature of Massachusetts because a woman addresses them.

Meanwhile he must make it easy for Alan by apologizing to Abercrombie and the rest for his ridiculous passion of yesterday.

In saying this, I am not apologizing for this cruelty; I am only endeavoring to explain it.

“We must hurry to get back to camp before dark,” he said, without apologizing for the delay.

Albert colored slightly, but walked along beside the stylish girl without apologizing for his burden.

"I had to do it, you know," Christopher answered, half apologizing for the double-faced rôle he had played.

I Put up in a different hut, the “Buli” apologizing for his hut being crowded with the influx of visitors.

He thence took occasion to apply particularly to my mother, apologizing at the same time for his not having done it before.