Apologues [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Apologues:

His introduction (‘An Apologue for an Epilogue’) is full of such outrageous nonsense as to suggest suspicion of his sanity.

The apologue is quite clear; and yet a certain amount of intelligence is necessary for its comprehension.

Rasselas is simply an extended and glorified moral apologue—an enlarged "Vision of Mirza."

No apologue addressed to the mature intelligence alone, or framed to fit the society of his day, is here included.

A venerable apologue attaches to the nesting habit of the flamingo.

In Perrault little but the moral, told in a gallant apologue, remains.

This is an apologue of misplaced confidence in things earthly.

But the "armed Greeks" of More's apologue found a yet wider field in the reform of the higher education of the country.

At the time this apologue amused me; in the light of later events it assumed a tragic significance.

Shall I, as an elder, speak to you as younger men in an apologue or myth, or shall I argue out the question?