Apophthegms [noun]

Definition of Apophthegms:


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Sentence/Example of Apophthegms:

I should prefer to reverse the apophthegm, and to say that in life I see the promise and potency of all forms of matter.

Emphatic fulfillment does his success afford of the celebrated apophthegm of Mulready, "Know what you have to do, and do it."

Madame de Staël repeats this apophthegm in her work on Germany.

He delivered this apophthegm with emphasis, and repeated it in another form.

Faint heart never won fair lady, he said to himself, in some answering apophthegm.

They have been told that the celebrated apophthegm all for each is the solution of the social problem.

They both belong to the favourite style of apophthegm, in which every sentence is a point or a witticism.

Never yet did a man of worth dislike good wine, it is a monastical apophthegm.

This apophthegm is one of the landmarks of religious history.

He has inspired me with an apophthegm, however—let us give Bonvoisin his due!