Apostates [noun]

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Because if there’s one place where there isn’t a clear difference between left and right, it’s how both sides feel about apostates.

But the distrust which the old traitor and apostate inspired was not to be overcome.

Rather may it be said, they hate counterfeits and are indignant at the assumptions of apostate Christendom.

Going back still another hundred years we come to the times of the notorious apostate, Marcion.

The internal divisions, too, aggravate our weakness; and now, even Most has turned apostate.

He renounced Christianity and is known in history as Julian the Apostate.

The former was an apostate; the latter an open enemy of the truth of the Gospel from the very beginning.

The solemn truths concerning "judgment to come" upon an ungodly age and apostate "church" are not heeded and mostly rejected.

He is an apostate who shaves his beard, and he does not enjoy the confidence of our community.

Even a charlatan can be good alone; an apostate can be wise alone; a fool can be pious alone.