Apostatize [verb]

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He was immediately cast into prison, and alternate threats and promises were employed to induce him to apostatize.

Morrice FitzJohn of Desmond was allowed to endeavour to induce them to apostatize and enter the service of their enemy.

He then returned to Cologne, where he again met Bucer and Melanchthon, who were endeavoring to induce the bishop to apostatize.

There is nothing will cause you sooner to apostatize from your Principles, and from your practices, then base fear of men.

The revolt in Cagayan in 1718 finishes the mission, for its inhabitants apostatize and take to the mountain.

Many would apostatize, because they are believers only in name; but true believers would remain steadfast, as in the days of old.

Domiciled Quakers upon conviction, refusing to apostatize, to be banished, under pain of death on return.

In former times, the Christians who refused to apostatize were summarily consigned to execution.

Thus the import of the question is: Is it natural to apostatize and never to repent of it?

The following morning the Portuguese were offered their lives if they would apostatize.