Apostles [noun]

Definition of Apostles:

preacher; supporter

Synonyms of Apostles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apostles:


Sentence/Example of Apostles:

To paraphrase the apostle Matthew, Warnock may have to serve two masters, electorally speaking.

She sobbed; he lifted her chin with his free hand—and what less could mortal apostle do?

Its hiding-place was discovered by angelic music which issued from the mouth of the cave on every vigil of the holy apostle.

The teetotal apostle says it is a dreadful thing to be drunk.

He immediately arose, and began to describe the personal appearance of the great apostle to the Gentiles.

The Socialist deputy raised his head, and scrutinized Sangiorgio with his cunning eyes, those of an overrascally apostle.

He dare not make the claim which every true apostle makes without the least misgiving.

When this sudden feeling had somewhat subsided, the mild apostle obtained permission to speak, in behalf of Him who had sent him.

Yes,” answered cheerfully the well-known apostle to whom she spoke, “and God meant it should be a hard world.

There is to be an olive-tree beside each apostle, and their stems are to be the chief lines which divide the dome.