Apostolic [adjective]

Definition of Apostolic:

religious, concerning a god-centered philosophy

Synonyms of Apostolic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apostolic:

Sentence/Example of Apostolic:

All this, in a so-called apostolic succession, is not only anti-apostolic, but anti-Christian.

Then they could have said that in that in which they boasted—apostolic dignity—they were precisely on a level with him.

His whole apostolic life was one long and arduous preparation for coming events.

Do you suppose the 'church of God,' in whose interests this paper is printed, can be that pure apostolic church?

He began negotiations for a college at Strasburg, and made apostolic excursions to that place as well as to Freiburg and Alsace.

Who in all the sub-apostolic age was worthy even to untie the latchet of Peter, or John, or Paul?

The Church had to collect everything apostolic and declare herself to be its only legal possessor.

The student of Church history finds first-hand material in the Fathers for the older post-Apostolic period.

But there is something disappointing and non-apostolic about them.

I reassured him that both the ex-Vicar Apostolic and my father found it so.