Apostrophe [noun]

Definition of Apostrophe:

word association

Synonyms of Apostrophe:

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Sentence/Example of Apostrophe:

Then, someone insisted that was wrong, so she taped over the “e” and added an apostrophe.

That means you can spell a word like S’MORES, which involves an apostrophe, for example.

Before she reached the house, Gouvernail had lighted a fresh cigar and ended his apostrophe to the night.

Apostrophe usage is not consistent in the text as in using both dont and dont.

In truth, there was good ground for his sorrowful apostrophe, for the scene was very painful to a high-minded witness.

It intentionally begins with an apostrophe, not an unmatched single quotation mark, and was left as originally printed.

S—A—R—, and so on, the thing ran, but the whole legend was complete before that apostrophe started into its place.

Before the last letter of the first word was an apostrophe, but its single bright spot always appeared out of its proper order.

Apostrophe is not a turning away in poetic, because in poetic there is no argument to turn away from.

As he arrived at this apostrophe, he again rolled upon the door-step and laughed louder than before.