Apostrophize [verb]

Definition of Apostrophize:

give a long lecture

Synonyms of Apostrophize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apostrophize:

Sentence/Example of Apostrophize:

With thoughts like these, however un-novel, I apostrophize 'My Boy:'

There is entire liberty; prince or artizan, all are equal; each may apostrophize a mask.

But Janet kept her ground, and continued to weep and wail and apostrophize the dead mother, or appeal to the orphan child.

Truly we might apostrophize Freedom in the words of the Hebrew prophet: "Who is this that cometh with her garments dyed in blood?"

I have many times heard orators apostrophize this beautiful flag which is the emblem of the Nation.

He turned abruptly and walked off, leaving Drake to apostrophize his eccentricity and seek consolation with Marie.

So vivid was this impression, that it impelled him to apostrophize the statue.

He worshiped what he called thoughts, would rave about a thought in the abstract, apostrophize an uncaught idea.

Frequently as I walked along did I apostrophize myself in terms of the highest approbation.

Often he would take this picture out and apostrophize it, just as he would the uncut gems that he always carried in his pockets.