Apothecary [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Apothecary:

She started an apothecary business after his death to help other people build their immune systems to better fend off infections.

The establishment is really beautiful, having the appearance more of an apothecary store, than a Grocery House.

As for his age, he himself told the apothecary of the Bastille, a little before his death, that he believed he was about sixty.

Having lost his father when very young, he was placed with an apothecary, with whom he lived several years.

The next to suffer was an apothecary named Franklin, from whom the poison had been procured.

He is, perhaps, the only person not an apothecary hereabouts.

In this way I learnt pharmacy, yet without being in the position of becoming an apothecary.

The apothecary is to take care that he does not take either opium or spirituous liquors.

It was reprinted in Bristol in 1764, "for Mr. Standfast Smith, apothecary, great-grandson of the author."

An inn upon the road, and an apothecary's bill, were equal objects of aversion to Mr. Elwes.