Appallingly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Appallingly:

We as a country have been talking about this testing problem for months, and it’s appalling we still haven’t done what’s needed.

One is the appalling civil war and events that have taken place.

Life is so remote, so appallingly far away—it has abandoned me in this desert of silence.

The men waited, and when they had begun to relax the cry burst out appallingly close, right behind the trees.

Kansas would encourage individuality more, be less appallingly machine-like.

No other man was showing above ground, and as he ran he felt most horribly lonely and appallingly exposed.

This feverish way of living consumes people, and I find the members of the French Cabinet appallingly aged.

His appointment shows how appallingly ignorant or wicked the Government, or Bathurst, were in their selection of him.

I longed to hear her sneeze; it must have been something quite appallingly grand.

A few shells shot appallingly close to the bugler perched on the summit of the headgear.