Appalls [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Appalls:

Domitian's wholesale slaughter of his subjects appalls Rome.

The sight of Chastel appalls me and it has had its influence upon Antoine and Suzanne, strong as they are.

You of the caste of Dives sowed dragon's teeth, and now the abundance of your crop appalls you?

But the horror of being without employ in an American city appalls me—because I remember.

To die quickly would be to me nothing; but the long crucifixion that a residence in these horrid countries entails appalls me.

To think of that bewitching creature as a common trickster—appalls me.

Its vastness appalls, its shadows seem spectral, and every natural object becomes grotesque and distorted.

"So much self-confidence appalls me," he said below his breath.

The last vestige of verdure passed, the immensity of that vast area of huge, desolate, dreary waste of rock appalls the mind.

The gruesome appearance of the dead appalls the stoutest heart.