Appals [verb]

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I am sorry you have had illness in the house; I am so used to sickness that it hardly appals me when it applies to other people.

But this conclusion, involving the belief that inherited sin is infinite, and deserving of infinite punishment, appals the mind.

Your foolhardiness appals me, and heaven knows, I never expected that I should be in a position to call you foolhardy.

There was a touch in it of that faint horror which appals by its very vagueness.

Thus we find ourselves, as before, in a state of transition, and this state of transition is just what appals us.

But the marvelous powers of this invisible force appals the stolid thinkers on "solid matter."

"It is not simply the growth of the city that appals me," she heard Miss Emmy's voice say as if from a distance.

And consciousness itself is essentially greater than the very vastness which appals us, seeing that it embraces and envelops it.

Prosecutions had been commenced against some of them, and Hall manifested that stern severity of character, which appals guilt.

To all this the answer is doubtful, and the doubt appals him.