Appanages [noun]

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Austria had another appanage whose people cared little for the prestige of their foreign kings and much for their own liberties.

The most interesting feature of Langkor is an ancient temple, an appanage of the great Drophung monastery of Lhasa.

She will receive an appanage of twenty-five thousand gulden a year.

Kew had existed for long as a Royal Appanage before it was handed over to the Nation.

Adams had long ago hoisted the British flag and constituted his island an appanage of the British crown.

It is an appanage--in point of fact the only estate--remaining to the once powerful Grimaldi family.

Sicily, which was the advanced port of Greece to the West, had early fallen as a sort of appanage to the Punic struggle.

It was a concentration of poetic perfection to which there was not as yet any appanage of apparel, of features, or of wealth.

Whereas Sara's heart was empty of happiness and hopes, and of all the joyous beginnings that are the glorious appanage of youth.

It was enough for him that an Appanage of Royalty had said that some day, perhaps, he would give him his gold cap.